I have a friend with twins who learned that the blond twin (they are not identical) has a dairy sensitivity. Although vegan milkshakes are available in Chicago at a restaurant called The Chicago Diner, they are not easy to find. Fortunately milkshakes, even vegan ones, are very easy to make.

The issue some people may have with the following recipe is that it makes one “real” milkshake. Most people aren’t used to real milkshakes but are instead used to the ones at fast food places which stay thick longer using gums and stabilizers. If you make your own at home, plan to drink it right away. Real milkshakes melt relatively quickly, especially when it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to noting the differences in texture, in the process of developing a milkshake recipe, I have learned the following
1) My son, who loves all things chocolate, does not love chocolate milkshakes
2) I do love chocolate milkshakes
3) If you are going to use a regular blender then you need a pint of “ice cream” to make the blender work. To make less you might want to try a stick blender.
4) Real milkshakes don’t keep.
5) Milkshakes have an amazing number of calories. This is not an issue for the blond twin. It is however an issue for me.

So here is how to make a rich mocha milkshake without using milk. Please note that if this is for someone who should not be caffeinated, you should use decaf black coffee and skip the espresso powder.

1 pint So Delicious or other coconut or soy based “ice cream”
1/4 cup to 1/2 cup COLD or at least room temperature black coffee
1/2 tsp espresso powder
2 TB unsweetened cocoa powder

Measuring spoons
Measuring cup

Mix coffee and espresso powder
Put all ingredients in a blender.
Blend on low till combined
Blend on medium briefly until smooth

Whether this serves one or two depends on how aerated your ice cream product is. I am a fan of a coconut milk based product that has no air in it and would probably serve two. I also like an aerated soy based one which seemed to almost disappear in the blender.

You can play with the ingredients, Adding ice cubes will make it colder and it will seem fluffier. If you cannot eat any of the commercial vegan ice cream substitutes, you can peel bananas, then freeze them and use them with ice and “milk” or juice to make a milkshake (add unsweetened cocoa powder for a chocolate banana one) You can use different flavors of ice cream. Just remember to add enough liquid or your blender will jam. Trust me on that one. Don’t ask me how I know, you already know what happened.