Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte ViaIf you have read any of my other posts about Starbucks you know that we have one of those dysfunctional relationships where I know everything can work if they just change except that quite honestly they have no intention of changing and what I am asking for is completely unreasonable anyway.

So to paraphrase their own website, if you have food allergies you need to be careful at Starbucks.

The lattes and other combination drinks at Starbucks are likely to be cross-contaminated. They are very clear about that. Starbucks is a place that sells mostly gluten and dairy containing products and while the place is admirably clean, most Starbucks are not going to reach perfect celiac level gluten-free status.

I drink the coffee, black, no sugar. I have never had an issue with that. Oh, but how I missed my lattes.

Which is why Via is such good news.

Technically, a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha does not contain gluten and can be made without dairy. Realistically, the product is made inside of an actual Starbucks and that steamer just steamed some dairy milk one minute ago. So if you want a really vegan experience…get the Via.

Now the Peppermint Mocha meets all of my happy “real food” criteria. It only has 4 ingredients. It contains coffee beans, cane sugar, cocoa powder and yes the dreaded mystery “natural flavors”. Natural flavors made me put the caramel latte back but with this one, I think the “natural flavors” are going to be peppermint and not some wheat based flavor. Since I react to wine that had a host in in that someone else consumed, I make and excellent test subject. And I am willing to make the huge sacrifice of drinking one or eight of these for your benefit.

Why are you laughing?

Interestingly, the people at the Starbucks all agreed that the Via Peppermint Mocha tastes better than one that they make in the store. Go figure. You can make it yourself the way that I do by microwaving an unsweetened version of your favorite vegan milk and then mixing the powder in to the hot milk. I never liked the foam anyway. If you want the whole experience try adding soy whip and some chocolate shavings off of an Enjoy Life bar.

Here is another blogger’s review of the product

Oddly enough you cannot buy the product off their website. You have to go into the store to get it. Amazon has some vendors selling it online at an increased price if you live in a place where there are no Starbucks.

However, if you are like me and just love the special holiday drinks, pop into your local Starbucks and get yourself a nice gluten and dairy free holiday treat.

Then go home and microwave it yourself.



9 Responses to Is Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Gluten-Free?

  1. Celia Muench says:

    Hi Christina,

    Very helpful information.

    Thanks! Celia

    • christina says:

      Thanks Celia! One thing that you should be aware of…they changed the formula in 2014 so now a lot of people who, like me, cross react to casein, are having a terrible time with the new peppermint latte!

  2. Sheila says:

    I will NEVER EVER have a Starbucks Pepermint Mocha again (or ANY of their speciality drinks – even with soy.). My reaction today was severe – waves of nausea and intense intestinal pain. I am gluten & soy intolerant (whata pain!) – an even though i always ask for soy, they sometimes use milk. Bad enough at that. Today I feel as if i drank poison-or came down with ebola. Never again. Has to be gluten in there somewhere!!!

  3. E says:

    I has a TERRIBLE reaction today to the Via. Awful. Has to be se gluten in that stuff. :(

    • christina says:

      Now that it is 2014 that may well be true. I have not contacted Starbucks recently to see what the ingredients are and they no longer have them on the website. That said, I do think that they may have changed the formulations this year as people are complaining that they have been adding dairy. I know that for me the tiniest bit of powdered milk and I get sick.

  4. BnaCoffee says:

    Oh GAWD! The gluten reaction from the in-store peppermint mocha was strong and swift.
    We will be trying the at home version instead.

  5. Carrie says:

    The peppermint mocha is gluten free. I have had it many times and had no problems. I am not able to have dairy, so I order it with soy milk.

  6. hope skipper says:

    I reacted very quickly to the peppermint mocha.

    • christina says:

      The Via or the one in the store. Anything in the store aside from black coffee is asking for trouble, but if the Via bothered you that is worth noting as I have never reacted to the Via.

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