We never ate mashed potatoes growing up because they were too much work. That said, when you deconstruct the recipe you find that the bulk of the work is in the peeling. Potatoes are uneven, slippery when wet and take a while to peel. Here is my solution.

Don’t peel them.

The skins add color, texture, vitamins and fiber so I don’t peel them. In several years of holiday dinners I have never had a single complaint.

This recipe uses vegan sour cream which is soy based. Once I test a modification using butter flavor shortening and flaxmilk I will publish that one as well. The sour cream just adds a tangy baked potato flavor. Be sure to make way too much because the leftovers feature nicely in twice baked potatoes, and then there is always demand for leftovers with the gravy the day after that. Also note that potatoes do NOT freeze well so don’t make them to freeze.

2 lbs Potatoes
Black pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder (you didn’t think I would use fresh garlic did you?)
1/3 cup vegan sour cream
You can double or triple the amount of ingredients.

Pot large enough to hold potatoes
Potato masher
Measuring cups and spoons.
Colander large enough to hold potatoes
Oven to table ceramic serving dish.

Cut any eyes that are sprouting out of the potatoes
Cut potatoes into relatively even two inch chunks
Put potatoes in pot and cover with cold water
Cook potatoes on the stovetop on high until they are fork tender. This is about ten minutes of actual boiling time.
Drain potatoes in colander
Return potatoes to pot
Mash potatoes roughly
Add sour cream, salt and garlic powder
Keep mashing until you reach desired consistency
Taste and add more cream, shortening or salt
Add pepper
Mash again to distribute the seasonings evenly
Either serve immediately OR
Place in oven to table safe ceramic dish
Put in oven to keep warm. Even if they bake at 350 for an hour, you would just have twice baked potatoes.

They reheat well in the microwave