This stuffing goes with my turkey recipe. Part of what keeps the breast meat so moist in that recipe is this overly wet stuffing which ends up adding moisture to the turkey from within. If you do not plan to cook it inside the turkey or to use the eggs you may not want to use all of the stock that I recommend.

Ideally you take about 2 loaves of bread, cut them into small cubes and set the slices out to dry about three days in advance. If this is totally unrealistic, you can put the bread in a 200 oven for a few hours to dry it out as well.

This makes a stupefying amount of stuffing which is generally he right amount for my carb addicted family. Every year I think it is an obscene amount, and every year it’s all gone.

3 cups raw minced celery
5 cups raw minced onion
1 cup fat (I use homemade turkey schmaltz…which is another recipie. Most people use margarine or butter)
16 cups dried bread crumbles (it cooks down smaller and my family really really likes stuffing.)
5 T Bells Seasoning
6 cups stock (turkey or chicken for the carnivores, veggie for the vegans)
2 T salt (you may want to adjust this based on the bread or stock you are using. My stock is always unsalted)
1/2 tsp black pepper
4 egg whites (truly optional but they do add body to the stuffing)

Paring knife and cutting board
Measuring cups and spoons
One very large pot with a heavy bottom (pot must be able to hold stuffing crumbs) and a lid
Large wooden spoon for stirring

Heat pot and fat over medium until fat melts and begins to sizzle
Add celery and then onion to the fat and saute until the celery is bright green and the onions become translucent.
Add the Bells seasoning, the salt and the pepper and stir to combine
Add the stock and bring the mixture to a boil. Note that you may wish to reserve one to two cups of stock if you are not planning to bake the stuffing in the bird.
Add the bread crumbs to the pot and mix with the stock / veggie mix until combined and all the liquid has been absorbed (it will be very wet and much messier than what you normally get.
If using egg whites or egg replacer (this is purely for texture), wait until the mixture cools a bit and then incorporate. You do not want the eggs to cook until they are in the bird
Mix in egg whites
Put the lid on the pot
Stick the whole pot in the refrigerator and refrigerate until ready to use

On the day of the event stuff the turkey with the cooled stuffing.
If not cooking in the turkey bake in a separate Pan in the oven for about an hour,