Once I realized that my favorite in car and in lunchbox snacks were now out of the question I started bringing bananas everywhere. Bananas are a single serving snack that don’t need to be washed and have their own biodegradable easy to open wrapper. Unfortunately they go from perfect to overripe pretty quickly.

The good news is that they freeze well, so you just peel an overripe banana, stick it in a zipper bag and freeze it for future use. So now I needed some good uses for those bananas as they were starting to take up some serious freezer space.

This recipe CAN be made vegan by adding in egg replacer in place of the egg. I tested it and no one noticed the change. That said, they are much more difficult to cook since the bananas are sugary and make the pancakes stick to the pan. A really thin spatula, a really good pan and someone with experience made it no big deal but my warning is that without the egg they get kind of sticky. I consider these vegan optional, as they can be made and they taste fine, but they can still be improved in their vegan version.

These are so sweet that there is no need for syrup.

3 peeled medium sized frozen bananas
3/4 cup safe milk (flax, hemp, soy etc. Preferably a high protein milk)
2 cups Namaste Waffle and Pancake Mix
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 egg OR 1 TBSP Ener-G Egg Replacer (yes this is the two egg equivalent)
Coconut Oil or Spectrum Butter flavor shortening for frying

Potato Masher
Large bowl
Measuring cups and spoons
Large heavy frying pan (preferably NOT nonstick)

Mix all dry ingredients together in bowl.
Mash bananas into dry ingredients. This is to ensure that the bananas get thoroughly incorporated. If you add them later they may be a bit chunky
Add egg if using and combine.
Add milk until the consistency is appropriate for pancakes (you may need a little more or less depending on what milk you use and the size of your bananas
Heat pan empty on burner set on high
Add oil or shortening
When shortening is melted and bottom of pan is thoroughly coated with a pretty thick layer of oil add pancake batter
Turn heat down to medium or medium low (my stove goes from 1to 10 and 4 was about right)
Cook pancakes until little craters form in the top side and it looks dry around the edges
Flip pancakes and cook other side
Makes about 10 medium pancakes

Now in my house once they are cooked, I put them in an ovenproof dish, which I refrigerate. I cook at night because then my house is calm. Also I am NOT a morning person, so whipping up a brunch without any coffee is not an option in my world. This way there is no stress in the morning, I just reheat them along with my oven cooked bacon (which I also make the night before, then I drain the fat and put it in the refrigerator. In the morning I warm everything at 350 and then serve with fresh fruit and lots of coffee.