I have not actually tried this because my husband would go insane if I ran a food processor for this long and we only have one child and we live near a Trader Joe’s so we can get sunflower seed butter for about $5 a jar, but for anyone who wants something fresher or toasted or who uses a lot of sunbutter, this is a great idea.

If you have ever tried to make your own sunflower butter and had a disaster, Gigi explains why in the video which is extremely helpful and well worth watching.

Gigi also has slightly different issues than I do so while I have some recipes containing soy and nuts, she does not. She does however use corn, which we avoid.

I really like her site. Her recipes are fancier than mine (unlike me she doesn’t consider boxed cake mix to be a “go-to” ingredient), but not so fancy that they are intimidating.

Also she takes much better photos. I would bet her art teacher probably didn’t tell her to focus on writing instead.

So anyway enjoy and let me know how the sunbutter turns out!