OK so ignore for the moment the rather obvious fact that I cannot ingest a Krispy Kreme Donut. The truth is that I used to love them and I also used to get a lot of grief for eating such an unhealthy food. The funny thing is that its not as loaded with sugar as say Vitamin Water, or a thai chicken salad or a superfood smoothie

Confused? Don’t be. Just do the math

Now, the donut is not healthy. It is made with white flour and fried and so there is a lot to not love about donuts. The chicken salad does include salad which has fiber, B-vitamins and a bunch of other things that are good for you. Its just that it also has a LOT of sugar. This also gets into the issue that seems to keep coming up with fast food salads where they seem like the best option and then you find out that they have more fat and sugar than what you really wanted to eat anyway.

So this is a short post, but the article itself is actually funnier and more disturbing than anything I can tell you. It just gets back to the rule of thumb of just drinking coffee, teas, water (including flavored fizzy water, as long as it only has two ingredients), and maybe some veggie juice.

And don’t force yourself to eat the fast food salad.

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