The logical substitute for diet soda, at least for me, was iced tea. It went with the same foods. It had no calories. It could even be purchased at a fast food drive through. And in theory it was less expensive because it could be made at home.

I knew this because I grew up drinking iced tea. Of course that iced tea came from a mix which was mostly sugar anyway. Since I am kind of lazy I eventually moved to drinking bottled pre-made tea. However that is not environmentally sound and its expensive and I found an option that was even easier. Yes easier than buying bottled pre-made tea. Hard to imagine? Well, all will be revealed.

This recipe has been honed over the years. It used to require that water be boiled, which is absurd because when you want iced tea the last thing you want to do is to turn on the stove. Nope, this iced tea is one you make in the refrigerator.

8 Tea Bags (any kind or mixture)

1 empty 64 oz container (preferably a glass bottle with a small cap. I use old juice bottles

Fill container with water
Stuff in tea bags (leave labels outside of container…they taste bad)
Put container of water and tea bags in the refrigerator for a few hours to overnight
Remove bags if you want to.
Drink tea over ice.

No scary ingredients and pennies per jar. To clean the jar I just rinse and then put the empty bottle on the bottom rack of my dishwasher. Without the sugar or boiling the bottles stay amazingly clean with very little effort. Its me. I do not put effort into cleaning. Just ask any member of my family or any of my former roommates.

So when you want some refreshing chilled green tea, here is another option!