When I began researching celiac disease I noticed strong links between gluten and several psychiatric problems. Epilepsy, depression, anxiety, autism and ADHD all seemed to improve dramatically when the patient began a gluten-free diet. Since the essential problem of celiac disease is malnutrition, this is not as weird as you may think. There used to be a widespread disease called pellagra which was caused by eating corn that had not been processed with lime or alkali. Without the alkali the corn can cause a massive niacin deficiency which caused many problems including aggression, confusion and issues with balance and motor coordination.

What they are uncovering is that there is an also an increasing body of evidence that links healthy gut flora to good mental health. This is in addition to the issues a food intolerant person may face such as destruction of the interior wall of the intestines. It appears that mental illness may be the result of gut flora imbalances.

The link to the article is right here

And at the risk of oversharing I personally spent most of my life as a rather high-strung person. Hyper alert and worried about everything. People used to tell me to stop worrying which made me even crazier because I could not do so. I felt as if they were telling me to be taller. Anxious and alert was simply who I was. I took medications from time to time, but they had almost no impact on my anxiety levels.

Then I started taking probiotics and eating gluten, corn and dairy free and it has made the biggest difference. I am so mellow now, that I am actually difficult to throw. I am not saying I never get anxious, just that I save my emotions for really important things. The perpetually anxious edge is gone from my personality.

Can I tell you it will work for you…no. Do I think that it might be worth a try. Yes.