Gluten-free Dairy-free Soy-free Corn-free Nut Free Vegan Mocha Frosting

Easy, Delicious Mocha Frosting for your next chocolate cake…

I may not eat gluten, dairy, soy or corn, but I do eat sugar, and I like mocha frosting.

Many dairy free frostings have what I call the “crayon problem”. When first removed from the refrigerator they have the consistency of a crayon. On the up side they are easy to pick off and probably have some potential as a minor weapon. On the other hand, they are a waste of food with a flavor that is rarely worth the calories.

I have posted the frosting recipe with the brownies but wanted to also post it as its own recipe in a quantity sufficient for a layer cake, since its good on chocolate layer cake as well. It is probably also good on vanilla layer cake, but I pretty much never make vanilla layer cake. This recipe makes enough to frost one 10 inch two layer cake.

4 Tablespoons flax milk (or soy or rice or coconut etc.)
4 tsp of instant coffee or espresso, dissolved in the flax milk
pinch salt
4 c sifted confectioners sugar
1/3 c packed Earth Balance whipped buttery spread (in the tubs, the soy is organic, but they also have a GMO free canola based one which we use)

1 electric stand mixer
Measuring cups and spoons
A sifter or colander (not necessary if your confectioners sugar is fresh, only needed assuming that you are like me and own year old bags of confectioner’s sugar which now contain little sugar boulders)
A rubber or silicone spatula.

Dissolve the instant coffee in the flax milk
Allow the Earth Balance Organic whipped buttery spread to warm up a bit (not quite room temperature, but packable.
Sift the confectioners sugar if needed (mine always has sugar boulders in it that need to be broken up)
Put the Earth Balance spread into an electric mixer and mix for about 30 seconds
Add about a cup of the confectioners sugar and mix on low until combined. This keeps it from flying out in a sugar cloud.
Add the salt and the flax milk mixture and combine. Don’t worry if it separates
Mix in remaining confectioners sugar a little at a time
Beat on medium until smooth
You may want to add a bit more flax milk or a bit more spread to get the consistency you prefer. This is an icing like frosting as the coffee can stand up to the sugar and the consistency is easy to work with. It firms up when chilled so it is best to spread it at room temperature.

This keeps well in the fridge for a few weeks. It may keep longer but I have a tendency to eat it out of the container so I am not sure.