About the Recipes

I have been baking from scratch since I was nine. So when I was told that we needed to give up gluten and dairy and corn and eventually soy and nuts and then finally salicylates, I just went to the store and looked for some cookbooks.

What I found fit into three categories
1) Cookbooks written by graduates of the worlds finest culinary schools for fellow bakers which required that I own four kinds of flour and had recipes with up to 20 different ingredients.
2) Cookbooks that eliminated only gluten or only gluten and dairy…and then relied heavily on corn, nuts, beans, seeds, eggs, soy or other major allergens
3) Cookbooks that eliminated allergens from things I could have figured out myself without much skill (like steak and asparagus roll ups)
4) Cookbooks that eliminated the big 8 from every single recipe and never varied. So if your problem was seeds or beans or nightshades, you were out of luck. Also there are things (like flan or cheesecake) that can be made free of all eight allergens, but not without seriously impacting the flavor. I felt that the world did not need a cheesecake that fell apart or tasted like a sock.

So I wrote my own recipes and they follow these rules

1) I assume that my readers want to cook from scratch only slightly more than they want to die because they don’t cook from scratch. Therefore I keep the complicated and time consuming recipes to a minimum.
2) I assume that anyone wanting a 20 minute dinner does not actually have time afterwards for a 45 minute cleanup. I use as few pots and pans as possible.
3) What I am best at is avoiding all major allergens and reducing salicylates without coming up with crazy hard recipes. These recipes are not low fat, low sugar or low calorie. This is not a diet plan. I am working on recipes that make fixing the autism or ADHD or food allergies simple so that the child lives long enough to worry about heart disease.
4) I assume that some of my readers may need kosher options. Not everything is kosher and if I seem off on my understanding of kosher law, check with your rabbi. I am trying.


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