Full disclosure, I bought several copies of this movie and gave them to everyone as Christmas gifts last year. It is my favorite nutrition documentary (although Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is the funniest) mostly because it is a good quality film with the same message that I end up beating people silly with.

Change your diet and you will change your life.

Anyone who is gluten-free for a non-medical reason may want to know that the doctors in this movie do not think that gluten is a problem for most people. It is dairy that virtually no one should eat.

I agree with them.

Most people seem to digest gluten with few ill effects. I have not seen good research indicating that gluten is harmful to people without autoimmune or psychiatric disorders. At most, it appears that a third of the population should avoid gluten.

Now my gut (note, not my medical training) tells me that the reason that this particular vegan diet works and other wild meat diets also sometimes work is because you don’t eat a lot of grains. Grains are pretty much empty calories and there isn’t a primate or bear that I know of that eats them on a regular basis (gorillas are vegan but chimps do eat some animal products) I also think that avocados, coconut, olives and some fish are probably healthy and should be consumed in modest doses.

That said, if I get advanced heart disease, you can guess what I will be eating.

So anyway, without further ado, here is the link to the free viewing of Forks Over Knives on Hulu!