Sometimes food really can rot your brain.

If you or a loved one are wondering if its really possible that “Bread Madness” exists (Dr. Peter H.R. Green of Columbia made me aware of that term) and wants more than anecdotal evidence, here you go. The following is a round up of articles published in peer reviewed journals on the impact of gluten on mental health including the well documented links with depression and schizophrenia, the link with bipolar disorder and others. Read it, share it with loved ones. Explore PubMed and see what else has been written.

Then please, give going 100% perfectly gluten free for one month a try.

First, you can read about what bread madness is

And why doctors are saying that children with any mental or behavioral problems need screenings

The most common mental illness is a kind of depression and anxiety. Note that many of the patients profiled had Marsh 1 lesions. Those are considered the mild ones compared with the more advanced Marsh 2 or 3 lesions of most celiacs. Also note that HALF of the celiacs had psychological symptoms and that they improved on a gluten free diet.

Here you can read the whole article about depression and gluten

Of course if you are bipolar its gluten and dairy that may need to be given the boot. Dairy seems to really be an issue there.

And how the biggest suffering of the celiac is the depression and not the gastrointestinal complaints.

Which is why the doctors and researchers are trying to fix it. Because as it turns out it is far more deadly to be depressed and angry than it is to have a flat butt and a bulgy tummy.

And yes, you can have normal digestion and only impaired brain function. And yes, you did read that right, they have known about this for a LONG time

Of course there are also the links to schizophrenia. These are just a few of them. Just Google “Gluten and Schizophrenia if you want more

And this is why you cannot rely on a blood test

And you have to quit eating gluten in time. Wait too long and the brain damage may not be reversible

And if all this doesn’t convince you that gluten can make you crazy, consider this fact. Remember Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann, the two guys who were fired for being too bombastic and erratic in an industry where your job is to yell and be condescending?

Both men are severely gluten intolerant.

I rest my case.