Every so often weak science hits the news and poops up everything. A group of people who are frequently not scientists, who work someplace you never heard of, review research done by others and come to a startling and incomplete or inaccurate conclusion which gets reported, inaccurately, and with lots of misquotes. So if you are still afraid that fish oil will increase your risk of prostate cancer, I would like to help you relax.

There have actually been multiple studies done at prestigious research centers and universities where they actually measured fish intake and not just blood levels of omega 3s. .

When actual scientists did the research they found that fish consumption had no impact on whether or not you got prostate cancer but that if you did get prostate cancer your survival chances were much better if you ate fish.

At McGill, which is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, they found that fish consumption caused prostate cancer mortality to DECLINE 63%. Total incidence of cancer was not impacted.

But I wouldn’t put my faith in any one study so here are a few more worth reading

and on ALA and prostate cancer we have this one…

and from the journal Prostate Cancer we have this one

and this one (the conclusion is at the end)

Conclusion – The majority of research available right now indicates that fish is good for heart disease and neutral for prostate cancer. It is OK to eat some fish. It is probably possible to eat too much fish as it is possible to eat too much of anything. It is my personal belief after reviewing too many medical reports that people need a lot less animal protein than they think that they do and fish a few times a week.

Discuss it with your medical provider before making a decision as there are many people who should not take fish oil for medically valid reasons. All I am saying is that based on the studies I have seen, increased risk of prostate cancer does not appear to be one of those reasons.