If you go into a Starbucks looking for something to be gluten-free or honestly free on any allergen, you are likely to be dissatisfied. If you read enough gluten-free blogs, or the forums on celiac.com, you can see that plenty of people have been cross contaminated at Starbucks. This is why they warn you on their website to be careful and talk to a barista.

One thing that was very exciting for me this year has been the new Via packets. They taste great and they give me a nice safe happy way to enjoy my favorite seasonal lattes. Since I never liked the foam anyway, I just microwave my vegan milk at home and then I add the Via packet. It is actually easier and less expensive than going to Starbucks. I even have a little can of soy whip!

Unfortunately this year they will not be making a Gingerbread Spice Via packet. I spoke to two different store managers and both said the same thing. This is very disappointing for me.

What they are doing although I have only seen it in gift baskets, is selling the gingerbread syrup that they use for their lattes. That said, again I saw it only in one of our local Starbucks and only as part of a gift basket of all gingerbread things.

Some people claim that you can make your own with Monin Gingerbread Syrup which you can buy on Amazon right here

But until they do a Via, its buyer beware. There should be no gluten ingredients in a gingerbread latte and you can ask to see the syrup bottle if you want to be sure. In the meantime, if you are like me and handle even a hint of dairy badly, make your own at home. If you can handle a bit of milk. do as Starbucks advises and talk to your barista before ordering.