I normally avoid eating out at any restaurants that are not dedicated gluten-free or at least very serious about their commitments to the gluten-free diner. I do not like turning into crazy stress lady who quizzes the people at the restaurants. I do not like that version of myself…. but I like being violently ill even less.

That said, today I overcame my fear, became a crazy person, and found two new places to eat.

Everest Burger is an unassuming storefront in a strip mall on the Winnetka / Glencoe border. It is a burger joint with real burgers and fries. The food is organic, hormone free, antibiotic free, and the fish is wild. Everest has a dedicated fryer for its french fries which are tiny shoestring affairs made from organic potatoes, salt and rice bran oil (for frying). It also has good, home made, gluten-free buns. And they have lots of combinations for burgers. They also have vegan options that are not a soyburger.

So I went out ordered a burger with turkey bacon, avocado, tomato, and lettuce on a gluten-free bun. and fries. And it was great. The food was fresh and it reminded me of years ago when eating a burger and fries out was a real option and did not mean attempting to eat a burger wrapped in big lettuce leaves (note: Lettuce leaves make great taco shells. They make lousy burger buns. I always pity whoever is opposite me at the table watching me wrestle the slimy mess). They seemed sufficiently aware of the needs of a celiac. AND they have a gluten-free brownie. My son now has a burger joint!

There is another place on the North Shore which had attempted to be a burger joint for GF people and that place is always packed to the gills, but they used a brand of buns that crumbled to dust when you picked them up (you know the brand I mean), and the server seemed unaware that they were trying to cater to gluten-free diners. We went twice to make sure it was just a bad experience. We never returned.

Everest on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise and we plan to return soon. And no I didn’t get any free food or other compensation for writing this. I just hope they stay in business for my own selfish reasons.

Everest is at 91 Green Bay Road in Glencoe.
The website is here