Much to my son’s excitement our local Fresh Market has begun carrying Immaculate Baking Company’s certified GF break and bake chocolate chunk cookies. Wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and kosher, and so we had to try them out. We found the dough blobs a bit big and broke each in half to make 2 dozen smaller cookies for $4.99 or about 20 cents each. The cookies contain canola oil and sugar and are not non-GMO certified. In addition they are made in Canada, so they probably contain GMOs. They baked up easily and the mixture of guar and xanthan gums meant less of that gluten-free taste (which I have decided is rice flour and xanthan gum combined. Immaculate Baking Company is in the Whole Foods system as well as the Fresh Market system so if you want your store to start carrying them, just ask the manager. You can also order from their website but it requires 2 day shipping which is hideously expensive.

That said, the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip cookie mix remains my favorite if only because it is a better value. Even in my home where we pay 50 cents per egg and probably used another 50 cents in Spectrum Butter Flavor shortening, I found that I could get 4 dozen of the same sized cookies for a total cost of $6.50 ($4.99 for the mix at my local store and another $1.50 in vanilla, shortening and egg, which is 14 cents per cookie. When I make them I use a tablespoon of vanilla in place of the teaspoon that they recommend as I find that the rice flour just sucks the vanilla flavor out of things.

Two things worth noting. First although they are certified kosher, the Betty Crocker mix is not certified GF by GIG. It is made in a dedicated facility, but not certified. Second, both products contain soy and again, neither is GMO-free.

In terms of flavor my husband prefers the Betty Crocker mix cookies and I prefer the Immaculate Baking Company cookies, but they are both pretty good (as long as you add that extra vanilla)

If your local grocer does not carry the Betty Crocker cookies and you want to order them, the best price is on Amazon at $21.46 for 6 boxes or $3.57 per box delivered. You can order them here