A photo of the box.  Yes they have finally brought out a GFCF lasagne.  Whoopee!

A photo of the box. Yes they have finally brought out a GFCF lasagne. Whoopee!

One of the challenges of living gluten and dairy free is the fact that if you want to eat it you need to cook it. If you like to cook, this is not a huge transition. If you generally use your oven for shoe storage then needing to make so many meals can seem overwhelming, which is why I am happy to find gluten-free processed foods that don’t taste like a sock or have a weird texture.

So I was excited to see that Amy’s has now come out with a gluten-free dairy-free and apparently corn-free frozen single serving lasagne. Yes, single serving frozen lasagne. Pair it with a salad and you have dinner. It does contain soy and coconut oil so it is not for everyone.

This should not be confused with health food, but it is not half bad. It has 7g of sugar, 14g of fat, 9g of protein and 4g of fiber. It has 700mg of sodium. It also has only 300 calories and 30% of your RDA of vitamins C and A.

The ingredients are mostly all recognizable food items (rice flour, basil etc.) but include a few that some people worry about including titanium dioxide, xanthan gum, natural flavor and inactive yeast. I bought the product at Whole Foods which has a policy of not selling anything that contains true MSG, so that should not be an issue in the natural flavors. I did not know this until tonight when I was researching this post, but they do ban true MSG. The yeast does contain glutamic acid, which is present in yeast, mushrooms and seaweed. I have not done the research to see if glutamic acid has the same impact as MSG on weight, but I don’t think it causes the headaches that MSG does.

Please note that you do not need to cook it in the plastic lined container. I cooked it in my microwave on a china plate covered by an upside down china bowl. Cooked this way I would say that the recommended cooking time was insufficient but it was easy enough to continue cooking it. It tasted as good as any other frozen diet lasagne I have had before. Since I make my own food I found it very salty, because realistically there is no recipe for lasagne that calls for over 600mg of sodium per serving, but I would definitely buy and eat it again.