A package of delicious gluten free corn free sweet potato gnocchi from Nuovo

This is a product review, and not a recipe. Years ago I made my own gnocchi. I did it once. I don’t care what Martha Stewart says, making gnocchi is time consuming and frustrating. So since I did not plan to ever make them again, much less try to make them gluten free, I just figured I wouldn’t be eating gnocchi again.

But then I was there in Whole Foods and I saw a package claiming to be gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi. So I had to try them.

Now my husband is not a gnocchi fan. He has always found them to be gluey and heavy. These were not. He liked them and actually requested a repeat purchase.

The product is Nuovo Sweet Potato gnocchi. What was interesting about these is that they seemed to have been developed without any wheat flour, and then the manufacturer realized that they were gluten free. Meanwhile they are a marvelous cross between sweet potato ravioli (a pre-diagnosis addiction of mine) and the most perfect gnocchi.

I prepared them according to package directions and then took 2 tbsp of butter flavor spread, fried 2 tbsp of sage in the spread, added some salt and walnuts and tossed to heat and then tossed with the cooked gnocchi. I like sage and sweet potatoes and don’t like to try too hard.

These gnocchi are available in three gluten-free flavors.

And you can buy them at Whole Foods or here