I have a huge issue with frosting that approximates the consistency of a crayon when chilled. I find it unappetizing and difficult to manage. Until someone makes an aerated palm oil based shortening those who cannot have soy oil are stuck with using something like Spectrum Butter Flavor Shortening which tastes fine but cannot be easily aerated by the home cook. For those of us who can use the Earth Balance aerated (or whipped in marketing terms) products, we have more options.

I put off doing a vanilla frosting recipe for years. Early attempts fell apart. One reminded me of that old movie “The Blob” This one is stiffer than I would like and is not as spreadable fresh from the fridge as I would like it to be, but it has no military applications and it tastes just like the real butter buttercream I used to make back when I was totally ignorant about what was wrong with me.

As is true with the chocolate frosting swapping out the aerated margarine for a different kind will yield a different result.

2 Tablespoons flax milk (or soy or rice or coconut etc.)
2 tsp GF vanilla
pinch salt
4 c sifted confectioners sugar
1 c packed Earth Balance Organic whipped buttery spread (in the tubs)

1 electric stand mixer
Measuring cups and spoons
A sifter or colander (assuming that you are like me and own year old bags of confectioner’s sugar which now contain little sugar boulders)
A rubber or silicone spatula.

Allow the Earth Balance Organic whipped buttery spread to warm up a bit (not quite room temperature, but packable.
Sift the confectioners sugar if needed (mine always has sugar boulders in it that need to be broken up)
Put the Earth Balance spread into an electric mixer and mix for about 30 seconds
Add 2 cups of the confectioners sugar one at a time and mix on low until combined
Add the vanilla, salt, flax milk and mix to combine
Mix in remaining confectioners sugar
Beat on medium until smooth

This keeps well in the fridge for a few weeks.