I got a haircut which meant that I was right near the courthouse downtown. I was there with my son, my mom and my dad and we were hungry and in need of something to eat. Yes, there is always Wildfire and Big Bowl, if you want to wait and spend $30 a person. We almost went there, but then I discovered Jason’s Deli.

I am originally from New Jersey which means that I appreciate a good deli. The problem has been that I did not know of one that could accommodate me. Today, I learned that Jason’s, which is a chain, apparently could. My son, to his delight, had a roast beef with mustard, lettuce, and tomato on gluten-free bread.

Now, Jason’s has a doozy of a disclaimer on anything marked gluten free because they do not have a separate kitchen and they do not want to be sued by celiacs who get sick. The disclaimer says that they do not meet celiac standards. And they probably don’t. However, if you are a regular reader you might know that I personally could be rented out to test gluten in products because even mild cross-contamination makes me look four months pregnant and totally exhausted (plus of course you do NOT want to share a bathroom with me for about two days). I finally stopped eating sushi because the cross-contamination on the knife from cutting California rolls or tempura rolls was making me sick. So before I ate, I watched them make my sandwich and they had very good hygiene. Despite their disclaimers I did not get sick. I simply had a very good gluten-free deli sandwich in a deli for the first time in four years.

Here is how I would put it. If you would be willing to eat a “gluten-free” pizza made in a non-dedicated facility, i.e. a gluten-free pizza baked (even if not assembled) at a regular pizza place, where there is literally flour in the air, or gluten-free bread made in a non-dedicated facility, or willing to just eat sushi out without insisting on fresh knives, fresh gloves etc., then this place more than meets your standards. If however, you are as careful as I am, you may decide to do something else.

So for anyone who is gluten-free but not in a life threatening way or who is and in downtown Chicago and simply wants a reasonably priced, high quality deli sandwich or salad, you may want to check out Jason’s Deli. They are located in downtown Chicago at 195 North Dearborn Street. They also have locations in the South Loop, Schaumburg, Tampa and most major cities across the U.S. I do not know if all locations are as careful as ours was, but their commitment to the gluten sensitive customer is a national one.

Of course, I am still going to watch them make my sandwich.

The Gluten Sensitive menu for Jason’s is posted below.