In The Raw is a raw, vegan, gluten-free restaurant located in downtown Highland Park. Most people will either love it or hate it. The food is surprisingly delicious but nothing tastes traditional. I need to warn you up front that this place uses nuts in virtually everything and while they can make nut-free food, it is not a good choice for anyone with severe allergies to tree nuts.

I had an entree which was supposedly “pizza” and then a chocolate tart with ice cream for dessert. The food was uniformly great. The “ice cream” was cashew based and made on premises. It was very rich and delicious. The chocolate tart could have been served anywhere without anyone thinking that it was vegan or gluten free. The “pizza” on the other hand really did not resemble pizza at all. It was more like a really fun cashew cream cheese cracker appetizer in a huge size. It was great, it just wasn’t pizza.

The space is elegant and grown up and the service is attentive and professional. This is a place for a nice dinner or lunch. It is a destination as opposed to a place that you just pop in because you are hungry and busy. Prepare to slow down and enjoy the meal.

In The Raw is not for everyone, but for anyone exploring this diet for medical reasons or for any gluten-free vegans looking for a nice dinner out that is more than a salad and fresh fruit, this is a terrific option. I eat meat and I would eat there all the time if I could afford it.

In The Raw is located at 483 Central Avenue in Highland Park
you can read the menu Here