I often say on this site, don’t listen to me. Check my facts. Make your own decision. I am a reporter not a doctor.

But this guy, you should listen to this guy. He is a doctor. He teaches pediatric gastroenterology at Harvard. This is what they are teaching now in the best medical schools.

Its a long lecture but worth watching if you or anyone you know is confused about the following
1) Isn’t leaky gut still theoretical?
Only like gravity is theoretical. Its being taught at Harvard as fact.

2) Wouldn’t I have less than perfect digestion if I had celiac disease?
No. Most people have no digestive issues at all. He cites fatigue, anemia and fibromyalgia (around minute 11) as the most common symptoms.

3) Is there really a link between other autoimmune diseases and celiac disease?
A link? How about every last one of them is on Chromosome 16 AND they all seem to require a breakdown in zonulin reaction AND a leaky gut. And when he says all he specifically mentions Autism as part of ALL.

4) OK so I just need to give up gluten, right?
Nope, the problem is a damaged microbiome, genetically iffy zonulin regulation and then a food that sends a person over the edge. It is possible that celiac disease is one manifestation of zonulin problems (minute 35). This opens up a possibility to what celiacs have known anecdotally for years…it is almost never just gluten.

Watch and enjoy!

Dr Alessio Fasano Lecturing on Gluten