Like half of celiacs in a small study that no one’s gastroenterologist seems aware of. we are intolerant of both dairy and corn.

Like most intolerances however, once a food has been processed within an inch of its life (i.e. HFCS) it is no longer an issue since most if not all of the proteins in the food have been processed away. So as a results ingesting high-fructose corn syrup does not cause any notable symptoms.

However, I do look for some indication that a product I am considering is corn-free. It is simply something on my checklist at the grocery store and the vitamin store, which is probably why I noticed that virtually all of the children’s gummy vitamins, even the “healthy” ones with no artificial anything, contain genetically modified corn syrup.

Now of course, they don’t call it that. No it goes by the name “glucose syrup”. And yet it is GMO unless the product is labeled organic or GMO free. And most of them are not.

So what is a mother to do? Well interestingly, they are now coming out with sugar-free gummy vitamins. Now a few words of caution. When it comes to the sugar free version, the word “gummy” is a bit of a stretch. These have a consistency closer to a Starburst of a Jujube. They are very chewy. In addition, without all that sugar they do not taste as good. Lo Han is a natural sweetener, but it is not the same. On the upside, the vitamins are more dense and fewer of them are required. The good news is that these are sugar-free (for real, not just agave instead of sugar), dye-free, corn-free and allergen-free multivitamins and my son was content to still ingest them.

They are kind of a specialty item, but you can find them at any of the following online vendors as well as at most good local vitamin stores.

At Amazon

Or the Vitamin Shoppe
Or Swansons
Good luck fighting the GMO and dyed vitamins. If we all demand better, we will get better products. So I for one am putting my money where my mouth is and getting the HFCS out of our vitamins.

Please join me.