Although this site has many dessert recipes on it, that is merely because when a typical dessert is a concoction of wheat, dairy and eggs as so many are, making one hypoallergenic is a real culinary challenge. Making hypoallergenic lentil soup is simply a lot easier.

That does not mean that I think that everyone should eat dessert on a regular basis. To the contrary I am convinced that excess sugar intake is slowly killing a lot of people, and celiacs can consume far too much of it.

The problem is that most people have no idea how much sugar is in foods. For example at the Gluten and Allergy Free Expo this weekend I purchased a new product from Enjoy Life, which is a Chocolate Sunbutter Bar. It tastes like a candy bar. It contains 9 grams of sugar which is about two teaspoons. Which is a fraction of the sugar in a glass of orange juice.

I know this because of this incredibly cool website where they show you different fruits and veggies and how much sugar is in them. Sometimes the amount is shockingly low (like strawberries and pineapple), sometimes it is grotesquely high (the photos for a certain type of soda are especially alarming), but it is always informative.

What they do is photograph a certain amount of food, say a one cup measure of strawberries. Then, next to it, in the photo they stack sugar cubes each of which is about one teaspoon or 4 grams of sugar. The number of cubes shows you how much sugar is in that food. The strawberries have 2 or so cubes in front of them (sometimes they cut cubes in half for more accuracy) which means that one cup of strawberries has about 8 grams of naturally occurring sugar.

Its a quick visual on what you are actually eating in terms of sugar and how fast you are getting to your recommended upper limit.

If you want to get motivated to change your diet and reduce your sugar forever or if you are just looking for a way to motivate your kids to eat less sugar, the photos in this series are shocking. Some are scary. Did you know that orange juice has more than twice the sugar of Capri Sun. Me neither. Check out the breakfast cereals. I was shocked at how little sugar was in cereals marketed as just yummy and not healthy versus ones I thought would be healthier.

So anyway, enjoy the site and have fun, it is located at the following URL