What if I told you that you could get rid of your heart disease, belly fat, diabetes and schizophrenia by getting rid of wheat and bread in your diet. What if I was actually a cardiologist? Well I am not a cardiologist..but Dr. William Davis IS a cardiologist and he recommends that you get rid of the bready carbs…period.

The attached interview is an hour long. It is billed as video but is actually an internet radio show. The first three minutes are kind of painful…until Dr. Davis comes on. If you can listen to minutes three to eight without freaking out you are a better person than I am.

I have always held the belief that wheat and gluten are an issue for some people, but not all people. That this is a special diet for those of us who have autoimmune conditions and cannot tolerate wheat. I don’t bring the stuff into my house, but I also don’t berate wheat eaters who are not complaining of autoimmune disease. We eat nuts and eggs. I always thought wheat was in that category, toxic to some, healthful to others.

I was wrong.

I was unaware of how wheat has been made its own version of “roundup ready” or how the gene was altered to make it rich in the stuff celiacs react to that we are growing new celiacs at a shocking rate. I now know why my family was free of this disorder until recently.

There is a book too and you can order it from Amazon or borrow it from your local library.
You can get the book here

You can also listen to the shocking interview here. Again, slog through the first three minutes….then prepare to scream.


This is not new information. Nor is it the same as being able to eat all the bacon you want. But if your family is hesitant to go GF, perhaps they will be interested in the overall dangers of wheat consumption for anyone…period.

Here are a few more YouTube videos by Dr. Davis.