Although MS is rarely associated with children, it is another neurological disease where there is evidence that food is a potential cure.

Dr. Wahls went from unable to sit upright in a wheelchair to completing an 18 mile bike ride…in 2 years on a veggie heavy diet.

She references PubMed as a data source. It is a great resource for finding genuine, agenda-neutral research. You do need to know something about what makes a decent trial because there is some really bad science out there too (wow you studied 12 people for a week and nothing changed…and you are concluding that it means that there is no cause and effect….) and all too often those studies get the headlines.

That said, PubMed is where I start looking for proof that one theory or another has any evidence to support it.


If you have MS you may want to share this with your doctor. If she thinks that eating more vegetables and less sugar is somehow a bad idea, you may wish to get a different doctor.