When my son and I discussed plans to eliminate corn as well as gluten and dairy from his diet, we immediately moved to lentil chips as the solution in the chip department. Like most first graders he is fond of chips but due to the food sensitivities everything from pita chips obviously) to Pirate Booty (dairy) to Doritos (where do I begin) is off limits. Everything except lentil chips.

We tried a few brands. The Trader Joe’s ones were too spicy for him. Other brands were also more seasoned and tuned toward adult palates.

Then we found Plentils. Now he doesn’t miss corn chips at all.

Plentils are made by Enjoy Life which has a really strict big eight allergen-free facility here in the Chicago suburbs. Plentils are safe for most of the food allergic kids in the classroom. The light sea salt flavor in the blue bag has only five ingredients: lentil powder, potato starch, safflower oil, salt and turmeric. The entire four serving bag (4 oz but feels like more) only has 520 calories, or 130 per serving. And this flavor is kid palate friendly (I am not so sure about teh dill and sour cream).

I do not have any arrangements for compensation with Enjoy Life! I have paid for the chips myself. I just share this in the spirit of, oh wow this is great. You don’t need to hunt around and figure out which one is the best, healthiest, least allergenic and most kid-friendly chip. So far, this is it. It has no scary ingredients. It is safe for most food allergic kids (it does have potato which is a nightshade), and my son loves them.

So try some Plentils.

If you cannot find them at a local store then you can order them from Enjoy Life at the following web address