I was in the grocery store shopping with a friend when I saw something that stunned me. RP’s Gluten Free Linguini. Real Gluten Free with he GF symbol. So I flipped the package over, read the ingredients and realized it was also corn-free, soy-free and dairy-free. It contains potato and egg whites so it is not safe for everyone, but aside from egg it appears to be free of the rest of the big eight allergens as well as being seed-free, corn-free, and citrus-free

So I bought some.

If you have the chance, get some for yourself. Each package feeds about 3 people and its real fresh pasta like I haven’t eaten in years. And remember, I am from New Jersey. My grandmother made her own egg noodles. I know something about fresh pasta. This is fresh pasta. My husband was stunned. He claimed that it tasted like the stuff from the fresh pasta place here in town. The one you cannot get into on a Friday night.