When I was a child my favorite treat dessert was Oreo brand sandwich cookies. My health-conscious mother rarely purchased them, but when she did, that was all we wanted (I was a child in the 1970s when dessert was standard at lunch and dinner). So while I knew chocolate sandwich cookies would never be a big part of my life, I did want to find something for my son.

There are many stated options but if you have a lot of food sensitivitues there is really only one.

Initially we tried several brands of gluten-free sandwich cookies including the following


For pure flavor, I loved the Schar cookies. They are decadent, adult, better than Oreo brand sandwich cookies. They are not the most “authentic” but if I could eat them, I would.

However, like half of all celiacs we cannot have dairy or corn. This is how we get down to the one choice that is consistently in our home.

The following allergens are present in each of the other brands of cookies (as of today and as of the manufacturer websites…things can change, be sure to check again before purchasing)

Glutino – Contains eggs, soy, corn, potato, and possibly dairy and nuts.
Schar – Contains corn, soy, milk and potato (but they are egg free and appear to be nut free)
Mi-Del – Contains eggs, soy, corn, potato (but they are dairy-free, and appear to be nut free)

And finally the one in our house. The one that all the kids can eat.
Ktoos – Contains potato. Dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, and with only a small touch of corn starch in the frosting (this is true of virtually all powdered sugar) essentially corn-free

So we love our Ktoos. But for people with fewer issues may want to check out the other gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies. If your local retailer does not stock them, you can buy them in bulk from Amazon.

Click here to research or buy Ktoos (as of today about $4 per 8 oz package)
Click here to research or buy Chocolate O’s (as of today about $5 per 6 oz package)
http://www.amazon.com/Schar-Gluten-Free-Chocolate-5-80/dp/B0048IO3LW/ref=s r_1_64?ie=UTF8&qid=1344783696&sr=8-64&keywords=schar+gluten+free
Click here to research or buy Glutino cookies (as of today $4.67 per 10.6 oz package)
Click here to research or buy Mi-Del cookies (as of today $4 per 8 oz package)