For all the weird ways that the goverment can over reach on safety rules (mandatory Hep B vaccine…for kindergarten?) and earn the “Nanny State” moniker, the safety rules in the United States are kind of appalling when it comes to personal care products and cleaning products.

They can and do put lead in lipstick. There are things marked “Safe & Natural” that are neither and unfortunately you actually do need a degree in organic chemistry to figure that out. A “green” label is not necessarily an indicator of safety. Plenty of brands that you might think are safe are not. Others that are inexpensive and available in every grocery store are quite safe.

Enter The Good Guide.

These guys actually have the required doctorates and they rate products for safety and environmental impact and then explain the ratings. The product reviews are helpful to anyone trying to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and toxins that their child is exposed to. Most chemicals are absorbed through the skin and then the liver and kidneys need to get rid of them. It is an added strain. Often there are inexpensive products that don’t cause the same issues. For example a children’s bubble bath called Earth Baby Organic is no safer than the CVS Tear Free brand. Did you know that Mr Bubble Extra Gentle is BETTER than both and as safe as most versions of California Baby Bubble bath? And it is a fraction of the price.

So if you are trying to avoid toxins and save money…check it out!