Celiac disease has made me love Passover.

While a lot of Passover food contains wheat in the form of ground matzoh, Passover means that for about a month each year, my local grocery store has a huge selection of gluten-free items that are not readily available during the rest of the year. This year I stocked up on gluten-free corn-free panko, five kinds of macaroons and pie crusts made from coconut. It is the one time of year when I can choose between Gefen or Yehuda brand gluten-free matzoh. Not only are they tasty but for gluten-free crackers they don’t fall apart easily, they don’t contain nuts, and they are corn and rice free. Whee! You can get Fox’s chocolate syrup made with real cane sugar. There is coffee cake mix and chiffon cake mix and all of it gluten and corn free and available at your local major grocer.

It was a great tip from an orthodox friend and I pass it on to you. Enjoy!