One of the things I buy most often is gluten free mixes. There is the cake mix, the bread mix, the muffin mix etc. Unfortunately this stuff is EXPENSIVE. Bread mix alone costs almost twice as much as a loaf of gluten containing organic bread not on sale at the store and cake mix can have a price differential of 5x over gluten containing brands.

So like many gluten-free eaters I have discovered Amazon. Order 12 pounds of gluten-free spaghetti (or in my house a 2 month supply) and you get it at less than $2.50 a pound. Order Betty Crocker cake mix by the case and get it for about $3 a box instead of the store price of $5 a box.

Except of course that now I need to store a CASE of pancake mix, which for my family is way too much. I shudder to think about what you do if you live in Manhattan.

And then I found Vitacost…

Vitacost matches Amazon’s pricing for most items and you can buy what you need and not have to get a case of whatever you are ordering to get the good price and free shipping.

Vitacost will give you free shipping on any total order over $50. This means that when I needed three bread mixes, one spice cake mix (I am working on carrot cake), two Namaste vanilla cake mixes and half a case of Eden Organics tomatoes (They test for BPA and even consumer reports said they have the lowest load of BPA that they measured) I could get it shipped free. YAY!

And I paid about what Amazon would have charged me per item.

Now, Vitacost doesn’t sell everything. If you want Schar Ladyfingers or Betty Crocker GF cake mix, go with Amazon. And for some things I buy them at the store one at a time because, as it turns out I cannot save money buying K-toos in bulk as I will simply eat more K-toos. Having a case of Ktoos around is just a bad idea…at least for me.

FYI K-toos are gluten, dairy, nut and I think corn free sandwich cookies. They are my favorite of the gluten-free oreo substitutes.

Do your own comparison shopping. I think you will be pleased.

You can go to the Vitacost Gluten-Free store here

And Amazon’s is here