OK…its not Foodmatters which is a better film on the topic of nutrition and life expectancy but Hungry for Change is still pretty good and it gets at a lot of the issues of concern around diet and how what you eat can save you or kill you.

This is a limited time offer so you will want to take advantage of it while its available. There are ten days to view the film. You can watch between March 21st and March 31st. You do have to pre-register and yes, they will market to you later but I did this last year and they do not send you stuff every single week nor do they send you stuff you cannot use. Its all good stuff.

The link is here

FYI if you do decide to do a juice fast, watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on Hulu first. That scene where he is in bed for a week is not an exaggeration. I had a headache for ten days and I actually kept eating food the whole time. Oddly, since then, no problems. I can have all the juice I want and feel good.

It’s worth it, just don’t do it when you need to be lucid for the next ten days.

Enjoy the movie!