Yes, it exists and we had it for dinner tonight.

One of the challenges of being a working mom with a child who needs a special diet is that if I have to work late (and I go to extremes to avoid this) it is a big problem, because he needs to eat dinner and gluten-free takeout is not what you would call widely available.

Enter the gluten-free dairy-free corn-free (I think) frozen pizza.

Sure its expensive by frozen pizza standards but it is much less costly than eating at a fast food place. And it contains soy. And no, its not exactly like the frozen pizzas that use real cheese.

But its PIZZA. And for someone like me who is up against a deadline at work, its a miracle.

Amy’s is the company that makes the pizza. They make two varieties. My son prefers the one with spinach and so do I. There is very little actual spinach (this is not health food, just pizza) but it adds more substance and texture and the fake cheese, like all fake cheese, is not something I want a lot of since it doesn’t really stand on its own.

Her in the Chicago suburbs this pizza is available at large grocery chains like Jewel and Dominick’s. It is also in the Whole Foods system. I have not done price comparisons yet but we paid close to $10 for a frozen pizza that fed three.

Since both Jewel and Dominics are part of national chains I expect that the product is becoming more widely available. We even found it in Sarasota at the Whole Foods. Sarasota is not the easiest place to be gluten-free. So its becoming more widespread.

Also if your grocery chain even carries Amy’s products then you can always ask them to stock the pizza for you.

I know there are pizza places that claim to have gluten free pizza, but as someone who grew up in New Jersey where pizza is everywhere, I question any regular pizza parlor’s ability to keep a pizza entirely gluten-free. The flour is in the air at those places. It is why I don’t buy gluten-free bread at a bakery that also makes wheat bread on the same premises.

I do, oddly enough, buy things “made in a factory that also contains wheat or dairy” at least once, because in a factory setting I think they have more control over cross contamination.

So anyway, you can now punt and just go for pizza when you really can’t pull off a dinner.


You just treat it like any frozen pizza.