I did a post a few days ago about how an out of whack microbiome is now the working hypothesis as the cause of autism. It also appears that it might be the cause of a lot of other things. Like Type 1 diabetes and ADHD. Like all autoimmune disease and obesity. Yes, all of them.

This is a very inflammatory thing to say. Especially when we get to the cures. I know that. The problem is that the evidence is getting very overwhelming that this is the problem. Real evidence. From actual experts.

I know that this can get really technical so I wanted to find some TED talks on the subject.

If you watch only one of these make it this one. They are studying microbe based therapeutics at CalTech as a cure for autism.


This one is about Type 1 diabetes

Jonathan Eisen at TedMed about Microbes

These are just a primer on the microbiome


Now here is the inflammatory part. This is the part people don’t like to hear and that no one wants to say.

You can plant as many fresh new bushes as you want. Without proper soil and water they will be dead in a month.

Although we don’t yet know how, since we don’t know all the bacteria involved, anyone who gets this treatment is likely to need to be on a special diet, possibly for the rest of their life. It will be one that keeps the good bacteria happy and thriving. The diet probably won’t be all that restrictive and I am sure that the food companies will come in and make it convenient for us but there will be change. These are life forms. You can’t feed a cat fish food. We already know that diet can change the gut flora rapidly.

Now we just need to know which diet…and which gut flora

Now we need to know what that diet is.