One of the biggest challenges in discussing gluten intolerance is the fact that the most common symptoms are not something you would ever discuss at a party, or over dinner, or really at any time with anyone unless you are a medical professional. People will discuss lots of things but bowel habits is not something that comes up often. And neither are severe menstrual cramps.

Which may be why I did not realize that yet another medical issue that caused many doctor visits in my youth was also due to eating the wrong breakfast cereal.

It is not possible to discuss this symptom without it being kind of disgusting so if you have never had the sort of cramps that leave you screaming that ibuprofen is useless and you need morphine…then skip this post. But if, like me, you have actually needed to be put on the pill or given prescription narcotics to get through that time of the month, read on.

Apparently problems with menstruation are a common symptom of celiac disease. If your doctor is hesitant to have you tested based entirely on a history of really bad cramps you can show her the following.

or this entire document

which also notes that these menstrual symptoms seem to start PRIOR to the beginning of gastrointestinal symptoms.

or this one

There is emerging / preliminary evidence that endometriosis may also be caused by celiac disease. There is less known in this area but again you may want to discuss this issue with your doctor. I was showing signs of endometriosis at the age of 19 which is very rare.

To quote Gloria Steinem “The truth will set you free…but first it is really going to piss you off”