It’s a challenge to eat out with celiac disease so I am always happy to find new places that we can eat. One such place is LYFE Kitchen.

LYFE kitchen is a fast casual chain with a difference. Not only do they have no artificial ingredients, but they also have a wide variety of vegan, gluten-free, and gluten-free vegan dishes. The people who work there seem to understand the needs of the food allergic.

We did not get sick.

Now this is high praise since we get sick if we get gluten-free communion that the priest has allowed to touch the other hosts. I know there are scientific tests that can be run but if you want to know if something is contaminated, feed it to me. If I am up in the bathroom at 1am…you know.

The food here is all healthy. So it kind of tastes healthy. And every entree is supposedly under 600 calories. That said, they do have sweet potato fries (including garlic parmesan ones which can be made without the parmesan) and they have burgers and a pizza like flatbread.

We skipped the chia budino. Chia budino is the sort of recipe that can be made by a six year old. My currently eight year old does not like it. So it may be great but we passed on it.

One word of warning. The wine was kind of scanty for the price. If you want two glasses of wine get a half carafe….trust me on this.

All in all the food was very good and this is definitely a place you can bring your gluten eating pals. Just being able to go somewhere and eat a burger on a bun is huge.

LYFE kitchen is a national chain but is not large. In this area they currently has locations in Evanston and Chicago. So they are in Chicago but not in a lot of locations….yet

To learn more about LYFE you can click on the hyperlink below