This may be my shortest post ever but its a quick shout out to all my friends who will be celebrating Passover next week and need to do it gluten-free.

Gefen makes a pretty good gluten-free chocolate frosted cake mix that is kosher for Passover. The problem is that if you follow the instructions on the box (which I think may have been translated by someone who thought his English was better than it is), the frosting turns to soup and the cake ends up too dense.

So here are my tips for fixing the mix.

1) Do not, under any circumstances, add that whole tablespoon of water to the frosting mix. Use a teaspoon. That will give you something that is at least icing. I am convinced this is a mistake in understanding English measures.

2) Add some kosher for Passover instant coffee granules to the water you will be using to make the cake. Do not add a lot of coffee as potato starch based flours seem to amplify flavors. Try about 1/2 a teaspoon. Otherwise the cake is just too sweet.

3) Beat the eggs silly. Get some air in there. Flourless chocolate cake is delightful because the eggs add air. So beat the batter longer than they say to and at a higher speed.

I am planning to try out a few more mixes this year when I have family in town to taste compare chocolate cakes, so I hope to have more insights next year.

Have a great Passover!