When my child went on a limited diet, we needed to use vitamin and mineral supplements. We can’t eat dairy. Sure, kale is rich in calcium, but kale chips did not go over well, and honestly, supplements were less onerous. So we went with GF/DF calcium, magnesium and zinc supplements. The problem with those was that they are too large to swallow. And thus begins the story of the chocolate yogurt.

1 tablespoon Gluten & Dairy free unsweetened baking cocoa powder
1/2 to 1 cup of plain or vanilla soy or coconut yogurt (preferably organic or at least non-GMO)
Stevia drops
Probiotics, calcium supplements, magnesium supplements, zinc supplements…whatever neutral tasting supplements your medical team recommends (do NOT try this with iron or vitamin B supplements…the flavor is too strong to be hidden in yogurt).

Put yogurt in bowl. I use about 1/2 to 3/4 cup
Add cocoa and stir to combine thoroughly. I use a full tablespoon both because unsweetened dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you and because it ensures that the entire bowl will be consumed in a timely manner.
Sweeten to taste (be careful with stevia. A drop is like a teaspoon of sugar)
Open capsules on minerals, probiotics etc.
Put them in yogurt

Our nutritionist prefers that he get calcium and magnesium at night to prepare him for sleep, but that just is too much at the end of the day for me. This solution works for us. He eats this practically every day. I have offered other flavors but he likes chocolate. It works for me because I can prepare it even before I have coffee in my system. We use So Delicious brand plain or vanilla coconut milk yogurt. We can handle nuts and want to maximize coconut oil intake (within reason). We buy the big containers because they are $4 each and the single serving ones are $2. I can get about four servings out of a big container so the cost goes down to $1 per serving.

We round out breakfast with sausage and berries served separately.