Confession time here. I have seen every single episode of Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution…twice. I signed up as a food revolutionary. I have a strong bias against “edible foodlike products” and I especially don’t want my tax dollars to be spent on them via school lunch programs.

I was not always this way. Ten years ago I had two donuts for breakfast three days out of five. Only 450 calories for both of them. And since I exercised and was thin, I thought meant that I could eat what I wanted.

WRONG! It turns out that you can be diabetic without being overweight. That sure was a nasty surprise.

I have actually found celiac disease to be an odd sort of blessing. I had to teach my child how to eat and how to cook. I have to plan every meal. I cannot “grab something” because for me mindless eating is punished immediately by dizziness followed by one full night in the bathroom. Yes, there are marvelous choices now for gluten-free treats, and I enjoy them on the weekends, but once I realized that food had literally been killing me, I never saw it the same way again. I changed. I realized just how much food really matters. It took time, but I changed.

And then there is Jaime Oliver who reminded me yet again that every choice I make teaches my child something. I want him to learn to love healthy food. I want him to learn that he is loved and important and he deserves good, real food.

If you want to break any self-destructive diet habit, this is the kind of speech that can keep you motivated. I think I have seen it ten times.