For those of you who struggle with life threatening food allergies, this PBS documentary is a must see.

We don’t currently have any life threatening allergies. I used to have some and the running joke was that I never ever went anywhere without my purse. I carried it to every college party, even if they were just down the hall. I took it dancing, I carried it everywhere. People joked that it was my “blankey”.

Actually, it contained my EpiPen.

My allergies were respiratory and have faded over time and with the diet so I haven’t needed an EpiPen for years. That said, I still remember the terror of struggling for air. So even though our current issues are the sort that don’t kill anyone right away, I know what it is like to feel that fear and also what it is like when people act like you must somehow be exaggerating and they decide that somehow “just a little” won’t be a problem.

Which is why I loved the name of this documentary.

I am not sure that the first link which will allow you to see the movie for free is legal, but I am providing it until such time as PBS takes it down since I think everyone needs to see this movie. I have heard horror stories of school districts trying to compel the children to eat the school lunch despite its high allergen content. I happen to live in a town that takes food allergies seriously, but it should be every town and every school that takes this seriously. Not breathing is a serious problem.

So enjoy the movie and share it with your friends.

This first link is to the site Snagfilms which has it playing (or did a few days ago)

This second link is to purchase the film on Amazon

You can also rent it on YouTube for 2.99, just Google it there and they will take you directly to the page.