I miss corn chips. It is not that they were ever a huge part of my life, but I used to like them with gobs of salsa or guacamole as a snack. I liked them in tortilla soup or tex-mex chicken salads. They were a nice “sometimes” food. Sure we can still eat potato chips and Plentils, but neither of those truly replaces the corn chip.

So I was very excited to learn about Beanitos. Beanitos is a company that makes bean based chips. All of their chips are certified Kosher and non-GMO. Two varieties, their Black Bean and Simply Pinto Bean contain only five ingredients which are Beans (black or pinto depending on the variety), brown rice, sunflower oil, guar gum and salt. They are thick enough and large enough to work the same way that a corn chip does. They hold a decent amount of dip and do not have a strong flavor.

That said, there is one thing to be aware of. Beanitos also come in Black Bean Chipotle, Pinto Bean and Flax, and White Bean Nacho flavors which are not as benign. In terms of common allergens the White Bean Nacho, and the Pinto Bean and Flax flavors contain cheese (dairy) yeast, and tomato powder (nightshades). You also may wish to avoid autolyzed yeast (think MSG), malic acid and silicon dioxide. Not all ingredients are in all chips so read the packages if you want one of these flavored varieties.

Beanitos are available at Whole Foods (if they are not available at the Whole Foods near you, request that they be ordered as they are in the system) and if you do not live near a Whole Foods they can also be ordered from Vitacost.

Here is a link to the Vitacost website already loaded up for the Beanitos products.