Imagine Natural Creations has come out with an Organic Creamy Garden Tomato Soup that is Low Sodium and Low Calorie. I prefer to make my own since its pretty easy, but for people with multiple food allergies this is a great product.

The box shows no dairy, no nuts, no eggs no gluten, no corn, nothing in the big eight and no sesame or citrus listed in the ingredients. It also has none of those warnings on the side about it being made in a facility that contains scary ingredients.

A one cup serving has 80 calories, 1g of fat, 2g of sugar (less than half a teaspoon), 2g of fiber,300 mg of sodium (which is good for canned soup but is still 13% of your daily limit), and 30% of your vitamin C. It is not quite paleo due to the inclusion of small amounts of brown rice syrup and canola oil.

You can microwave it with little rice pasta shapes and make a sort of tomato soup with stars. It is not concentrated but is rather thick. If I was planning to use it with a pasta I would definitely thin it out with water or unsweetened unflavored hemp milk.

They sell the soup at Whole Foods, but if you cannot find it locally the company has a website and does mail order. I also use their Portabello Mushroom Soup in certain recipes.

The link to their website page where they sell and describe the soup is here