I realize that there are several lists out there that tell me that I can get gluten-free food at chain restaurants. I do not believe this simply because many years ago I used to adjust claims for chain restaurants and there were just far too many incidences of people bending rules.

The one place I do feel semi-safe is at a sushi restaurant. There, aside from tempura roll, the gluten cross contamination risk is low, dairy is non-existent, corn is a non-issue and eggs show up only in the mayonnaise.

And I love the spicy mayo sauce. It all started once I realized that eating regular soy sauce out was a bit of a death wish. So seeking to spice up my avocado roll, I started purchasing spicy mayonnaise. If you are a sushi fan you know that if you get spicy tuna or salmon rolls they make it with a salmon colored mayonnaise based sauce. I bought it at my local sushi restaurant before realizing that some food service mayo contains gluten which astounds me since I still cannot figure out how they get it in there or what purpose it could possibly serve. It also definitely contains eggs and GMO soy.

I needed a less toxic solution. So I found one which I will share today.

If you need it simply soy free I would use the Hain’s Safflower Oil Mayonnaise, if you need egg free as well use Earth Balance Mindful Mayo.

1/4 cup Appropriate Mayonnaise (either Hain’s for just soy free or Earth Balance Mindful Mayo for vegan and soy free)
1 tbsp hot oil (I use House Foods Hot Sesame Oil from Japan but there are several brands. House foods uses sesame seed oil and chilis) or more to taste.

Measuring cup
Measuring Tablespoon
Fork for stirring
Bowl or Jar to hold Spicy Mayo Sauce

Measure out mayonnaise and hot oil
Combine in bowl with fork.
Add more hot oil if needed for spiciness

That is the entire recipe.

This stuff is good on sandwiches as well as sushi and I have, in weaker moments, eaten it off of crackers.

Enjoy this fun and simple addition to your sushi.