Eating healthy and gluten-free often means eating salad. A lot of salad. The problem is that many dressings contain dairy, or are otherwise not vegan. As a result I ended up consuming a lot of vinaigrettes.

Which got kind of boring.

So here is a vegan, nut-free dressing that takes about four minutes to make and goes beautifully with summer veggies like tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions.

Now it does assume that you made a batch of my pesto. Which takes about 15 minutes not including planning or grocery shopping time. I make big batches and freeze them and then use the pesto in lots of recipes while I have it. One of those recipes is this super easy salad dressing.

Pesto made using my pesto recipe found here
Mayonnaise (choose Earth Balance Mindful Mayo if you need something that is both soy and egg free)

Mix one part pesto with three parts mayonnaise and then thin with water to the desired consistency. If it gets too thin you can add a little olive oil.

That is it. The entire recipe.