A box of rosemary flackers

A box of rosemary flackers

I am dangerous at the grocery store because I feel the need to try out any gluten-free product which also avoids most of the common causes of cross-reactivity and which also does not include any scary ingredients that would make Dr. Feingold crazy. That said, the reason for the lack of products in that space is simply that it is very difficult to make something that is reasonably priced, doesn’t go bad in a week and doesn’t taste like a sock.

Flackers meet those criteria. Made from flax seeds, liquid aminos, organic apple cider vinegar and herbs, the rosemary flavor was shockingly good. I found myself eating them out of the box. They had flavor and texture and with all the fiber and omega 3 oils they were also surprisingly filling. They are very low in carbs and rice free so they are a good snack for anyone with food intolerances and diabetes. My houseguests who can eat gluten also seemed to like them. The liquid aminos are made with soy so I don’t think this flavor is a good choice for the soy intolerant, but they do have other flavors

Now they are not the crunchiest or most crackery thing I have seen, but if I were still working in an office and needed a snack for my desk drawer, I would absolutely have a box of these around. They are oddly satisfying and they are safe for practically anyone.

The big downside is that they are expensive. They are $4.99 for a five ounce box. They are however, healthy and a cracker that everyone can eat. You can buy them at several stores online and if you like them enough you can get them shipped to you from Walmart.com.

I need to finish up this post and put them away before I eat them all