Starting on Monday November 11 there is going to be an online event called The Gluten Summit. Each day four actual experts in celiac disease, autism, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and or gluten-free eating will be lecturing for free.

If you have never done a telesummit before the way that they work is that you provide an email address, they give you access to the lectures. Each set of three or four lectures is available for 24 hours. If you want to hear a lecture after that you pay to upgrade to unlimited access of all lectures.

I have gotten a lot out of just treating it like a live conference and choosing one lecturer that I really want to hear and then if I get to a second one, great. Other people like to purchase access to the lectures to listen over and over. It just depends on your income and your time.

Some telesummits have goofy speakers that are not worth your time. This one is virtually all MDs including Alessio Fasano who is basically THE expert on non-celiac gluten sensitivity. There are also nutritionists and other medical professionals. The entire speaker roster with only a few exceptions is people who are actually licensed to give out medical advice.

For those of you who do not want to give out an email address without knowing what you are getting you can click on the schedule button at the following affiliate link.

Full disclosure – if you sign up for the summit and you also buy the recordings I will get a commission. That said, I don’t even know what that amount is, I am pretty sure its not a lot of money and I am promoting the summit because I plan to attend and I think it will be a great learning experience.