As these posts roll on you may notice the frequent mention of bananas. We buy a lot of bananas. I think we eat about two per day, per person. The people at the produce market probably think I have five kids since I buy about 3 bunches at a time.

If you haven’t yet joined the banana bandwagon…you will.

What I love about bananas is that they are inexpensive, single serving, pre-packaged food that requires no washing (even of my child’s hands) and is completely gluten, dairy, nut, soy etc. free. They don’t need refrigeration and they are sold everywhere. My son and his friends will all eat them. They do not single you out as a person with a lot of food intolerances. They are low in fat and high in potassium. They are almost perfect.

Except of course that they go from green to nasty in under 10 days. Not an issue in my house where they barely get past the green stage before being eaten, but even here, every so often I overbuy bananas.

But here is something I never considered until my Aunt Phyllis showed me what to do. When they get really spotted and are starting to turn…freeze them. Just as they are. Just stick them in the freezer. The skins will turn black, but the banana will stay perfect inside. Then, when you have 6 or so you take them out, peel them while they are still frozen (do not defrost them as they will melt / liquify and become hard to work with) and you have perfect, liquidy bananas for banana bread or banana pancakes

And yes, I do have a stupidly easy banana bread recipe. But that is for another night.