For those of you who loved trail mixbut quit eating it because of nut allergies, here is one that is free of the entire big 8 (gluten, dairy, nut, peanut, egg, soy, fish and shellfish). You can order individual bags at Vitacost or bulk order packs of 6 on Amazon. The mix contains chocolate chips, cranberries, pepitas and sunflower seeds. I had a sample at the Nourished conference and its quite good. If you want to save money or get all organic ingredients it would not be hard to replicate, but for the time pressed and for camp lunches, this is a really neat idea.

You can order it from Vitacost here

Or from Amazon here

The Amazon price is slightly cheaper and is free shipping, but you need to KNOW you like it before you buy 6 packages. Both are 20% cheaper than list price.